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Glen Andresen

Glen Andresen’s life changed in unimagined ways when an old-time beekeeper introduced him to the art, craft and science of keeping bees…and so began a lifetime fascination with the wonder and magic of honey bees. Glen has been keeping bees in his own backyard in Portland, Oregon since 1992 and in other people’s backyards since 2002. Last year, his city bees produced more than 3,300 pounds of honey. 

He teaches backyard organic beekeeping classes through Portland Community College, Garden Fever nursery in Northeast Portland, and others.

Glen Andresen is the host of the long-running hour-long edible gardening show, "The Dirt Bag," heard the second Wednesday of each month at 11 a.m. on community radio station KBOO, at 90.7 FM in Portland. Since 1994, Glen Andresen has been Metro/OSU’s lead natural gardening educator. The program offers presentations and information on how to have healthy yards and gardens without the use of pesticides. And Glen has been a Master Gardener since 1991.

He has degrees in economics and music but still would rather play with his bees.

Tim Wessels

After a thirty-two year career, Tim retired in 2010 to focus his tireless energy on new projects.  Always fascinated with bees and beekeeping, Tim now found the time to learn the art of beekeeping.  Tim became an instructor for the Oregon Master Beekeeping program and is currently completing his journeyman level in the program.

In 2011, Tim became one of the founding members of the Portland Urban Beekeepers, an educational and social organization to promote the art of beekeeping and stewardship in the Portland metropolitan area.  

Tim is also a member of the Sabin Neighborhood Association and a member of the Portland Fruit Tree Project.