At our NE and SE Portland bee yards, we collect only raw, unfiltered honey, which is never heated above hive temperature of about 95 degrees. All our honey is extracted in our own Oregon Department of Agriculture-licensed honey processing facility.

Raw honey is considered a super food since it contains powerful antioxidants and rich nutrients. It retains all its healthful properties, including enzymes, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, and bee pollen.

Honey is left in the hives until fully ripened and no uncapped cells are pulled for extraction.  All colonies are left with a surplus of honey and pollen to help them better survive the wet and cool northwest winter and spring.

Raw honey in 12 oz., 18 oz., and 24 oz. glass jars with metal lids are available for purchase at our retail store outlet, Cully Farm Store, 5012 NE 42nd Ave., Portland (across Alberta St. from U.S. Bank). Also, 1# jars are available in NE Portland at Alberta Cooperative Grocery and in SE Portland at Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply.

If you would like to purchase smaller or larger jars of raw, unfiltered honey from numerous Portland neighborhoods, please email us.



Honey For Sale

All proceeds from the sale of Bridgetown Bees honey helps fund our breeding project.